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Location: Concord, MA Department: Grove

Are you Grovey?

We’re hoping you're someone who'll add to our overall Groveyness. What is Groveyness. Right, good question. Well, it's curiosity. So you're in good shape there. It's also figureitoutiveness. Intelligence. Being a constant learner. A doer. Having purpose, honor and Friday afternoon jousts to the death. It's reading for comprehension and questioning things that don't make sense. And alot of other stuff we can talk about once we're past this online stuff. Ultimately, we want alot of the same things you do. We want to be proud of what we do—for our clients, for ourselves, for our own futures. And that takes people who believe tomorrow will be better than today. People who are committed to being the reason that's true. People who have a history of being part of the solution. People who are Grovey. Because, hey: if you want to work at a better agency, we're building one. Up for that? Yeah? Great, let's talk.